Electronic Payments

You can use Paypal or Bank Transfer if you are paying for:

  • an Introductory Meeting
  • an Assessment Appointment
  • a SKYPE session
  • a Therapy Card
  • Agreed written or audio work
  • a Cancellation Fee*
  • a Missed Appointment Fee*
  • a Late Payment Fee*

* See Cancellation and Late Fees under the FEES menu


Arrange your Appointment via the APPOINTMENTS page

I’ll then send you an appointment offer by email, to which you can respond the same day


Send your BANK Transfer/ Paypal well BEFORE 10pm

Sending your pre-payment well before 9pm the day the appointment is offered helps me confirm your booking without delay (22:00 UK Time the day the appointment is offered is the usual deadline). 


CONFIRM your payment well before 10pm

Let me know as soon as you’ve sent your payment by sending your exact booking information e.g. “£60 UK bank transfer paid today for session on Jan 7, 2020 at 13:30”. This allows me to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Once I’ve confirmed that your payment has been received into my account within the booking window I will send you an email with the confirmed appointment details.

Sending email confirmations late leaves the appointment unbooked and the empty space in my diary is automatically offered to another patient. You might then have to arrange an alternative time or day or take a place on my Waiting List.

Keeping session payments simple and straightforward avoids wasting time, and allows us to concentrate fully on your needs without distraction. Please carefully follow the instructions below for simplifying payments and bookings.

1_national_flag_of_united_kingdom Paying by UK Bank Transfer:

Name of Account: Psychotherapy, Counselling and Personal Development

Account Number: 00016409

SORT Code: 87-37-49

Bank: TSB


If you live outside the UK

  • Patients living in the EU and abroad who use slow payment methods like International Bank Transfers (IBAN and BIC) should send payments at least 10 days ahead of each new appointment as funds must arrive a minimum of 72 hours ahead of a provisional appointment time. You can no longer make follow-on appointments during a session due to the time it takes for IBAN/ BIC payments to arrive.  Instead, funds should either be sent several days before requesting a follow-up appointment or appointments booked using Paypal or other faster payment methods (see below) or by buying a Therapy Card.
    • Revolut is a payment method that does quick bank transfers from the EU to the UK.
    • transfer.xe.com offers ‘free’ international money transfers that may work out cheaper than your bank. 
    • Consider purchasing a 10+1 Therapy Card or you can avoid delays and interruptions to your sessions and stay one payment ahead of each session by sending two or more payments as a first step and then sending a payment each subsequent week.
  • Payments should only be sent in British Pounds Sterling (GBP), not your local currency and the correct fee should arrive without any deductions. All transaction fees should be paid by you, the sender.
  • Currency Conversion Calculator https://www.xe.com/

international-flags Paying by International Bank Transfer:

IBAN: GB64TSBS87374900016409



bitcoin Paying by Bitcoin

Only acceptable on multiple session payments, and only if agreed in advance.  Session Fees charged in Bitcoin will change continuously due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency exchange rates.  Some additional admin time is involved with Bitcoin and added to the fee accordingly. Ask for the session fee Bitcoin rate on the day of any payment. Bitcoin can only be used for multiple session payments (minimum ten) or when purchasing a 10+1 Therapy Card .




Paypal fees vary according to the sender’s country and currency.  As with all non-cash payments, any and all payments should be sent in British Pounds Sterling GBP with all transaction fees i.e. Payal deductions, payable by the sender. Use the fees calculator below:



Payment Terms:

  • All of the above Account details have been verified correct.  It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that all account details are entered accurately when sending payments.
  • Sessions cancelled, missed or rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice are chargeable.  If I cancel your session with less than 48 hours notice you will be offered your session at a reduced rate or free (conditions detailed in Agreement).
  • Refunds can be made on 10+1 Therapy Cards only, minus 10% admin fee, and can take up to 30 days to process.  All other prepayments are non-refundable but booked sessions can be rescheduled once with more than 48 hours notice. Special conditions apply to abandonment refunds on Therapy Cards. Please be sure of your firm commitment to therapy prior to purchasing products or pre-paying services in order to avoid losing money in the form of transaction and admin fees.


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