Fees and Payment Alternatives

The normal means of paying for therapy sessions has traditionally been payment in cash at the end of each session.  This is my standard payment method as it is straighforward and time-efficient.  For this reason I don’t accept cheques or credit cards.

However, times are changing, and as more people recognise that the central banking system is fundamentally weighted against ordinary people, some are beginning to move away from Fiat currencies as part of a moral, ethical and lifestyle choice.  In response to this cultural shift, I’m open to alternative means of payment such as Bitcoin and will consider time exchange and even bartering where we might have a mutual interest is exchanging services, or services for goods etc.  I still have to pay my own bills in cash, so these alternative methods aren’t yet my main means of accepting payment, simply a way that may be beneficial for some people.

I try to make my work as moral an endeavour as possible, putting people before profit whenever I can.  When I can afford it, I reduce my fees, and a percentage of my fees go towards helping a variety of good causes that support people who are struggling in some way, some of which are listed in the relevant blog post.

Sponsors and Donations

I also accept not-for-profit donations from anyone who wishes to help me to help others by providing them with reduced cost therapy.    If you wish to give in this way please see the Affirmations page.  My longer-term aim would be to be in a position to provide free services to those in greatest need but this would of course rely upon large enough donations from charitable donors.

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