Wireless Devices: Your Mental and Physical Health

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Above video: UN Staff Member Claire Edwards speaks to UN Secretary General about the serious health dangers of wifi and cellphone radiation to human health

If wireless microwave radiation were to be re-evaluated today “it would be placed in Class 1 i.e. a human carcinogen.  And governments could not possibly ignore that”

~Dr Anthony Miller, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto and advisor to the World Health Organisation

This contents page contains links to resources (videos, research papers, interviews) on the health dangers posed by pulsed microwave radiation: the radiation that makes all common wireless devices work without a cable.

Two main narratives exist about wireless radiation:

Narrative No. 1. says that it is perfectly safe and there exists ‘no evidence’ showing it to be harmful.  This narrative is the one told to us by corporations profiting from wireless technologies, much as the tobacco industry once claimed the same.  This ‘no evidence’ narrative is repeated by politicians, regulators and many members of the public, placing the burden of proof upon victims who become ill rather than the corporations holding a duty of care to the public.  This is the dominant narrative, established over 20 years, that allows UN Secretary General and his audience in the above video to laugh when presented with concerns about UN staff safety whilst being exposed to microwave radiation.

Narrative No. 2. says that there exists over 20 000 research studies conducted over several decades showing the adverse health impacts of wireless radiation on human, animal, and plant health.  There are also countless contemporary experts in the field who present the same evidence today.  This is the narrative that is generally ignored or branded ‘conspiracy theory’ when in fact, it is based on known, published scientific research and epidemiological studies.  You can find a link in the contents page to some of these studies, as well as video testimony from experts and leaders in the field including former President of Microsoft Canada Frank Clegg, Attorney Robert F. Kennedy jnr, Physicist and Microwave Weapons Expert Barrie Trower, Professor Olle Johansson and Dr Devra Davis.  People in this camp call for the ‘precautionary principle’ to be used: namely, that where corporations claim to have no evidence, then the public should not be put at risk until independent evidence is presented proving it safe.  Until then, cables instead of wireless should be used.

Pulsed microwave radiation of the type used in mobile phones, wifi, smartmeters, baby monitors, smart watches, wireless alarm systems, according to thousands of research studies, has been causing irreparable damage to all biological life-forms for well over 20 years.  It is therefore crucial that all of us take steps now to reject industry narratives constructed to protect profits and that would blind us to the truth.  And instead begin to immediately limit and prevent more damage being done to ourselves, our loved ones, wildlife and the environment around us.


  • Above: BBC Panorama (2007) exposed the health dangers of wifi microwave radiation years ago, including cancers and permanent cell damage.  France has now banned wifi in schools.

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  3. I suspect that there is sufficient investment in this technology to circumvent any opposition. Unless and until there is a monetary cost imposed on those profiting from the new technology, we are not likely to see a halt to its use.

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      Thank you Anna. Governments and corporations are both profiting hugely from technologies that are harming the public. The propaganda that pervades the mainstream narrative sells it all as ‘convenience’ whilst these entities are literally making trillions of dollars off the back of life-shortening, disabling technologies that ruin the lives of many thosands each year. The darkness in all of it is shocking.

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