Electromagnetic frequencies harmful to mental and physical health

(above) Dr Barrie Trower, Royal Navy military microwave weapons expert, consultant and researcher

Sources of EMF pollution

Devices which emit and receive microwave and other Electromagnetic (EMF) radiation frequencies known to be harmful to health, including mental health:

  • SMART meters
  • mobile phones
  • cordless (DECT) phones
  • wifi
  • microwaves ovens
  • the TETRA system (used by police, fire and ambulance personnel)
  • satellite dishes
  • mains electricity fields
  • 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g (and now much worse 5g) microwave mobile phone systems


Known effects on human health of EMF pollution

The wave-forms and magnetic fields generated by these sources of EMF have been proven in tens of thousands of studies over the decades to cause serious mental, neurological and physiological health problems, including:

  • cancers
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • ME, Fibromyalgia and immune-related syndromes
  • permanent foetal, sperm and ovarian damage
  • anger, irritability, anxiety and personality changes
  • Autism and Alzheimer’s disease

They can also harm plants and animals and result in the proliferation of harmful viruses, bacterium and pathogens.


Educate yourself on EMF and microwave radiation

The following is a collection of basic references for anyone beginning to look into educating and limiting their exposure to harmful microwave and EMF pollution.  Thi is particularly important for children, whose vulnerability is even greater:

The UK government’s plan to have smart meters installed in every UK home by 2020 confuses the fact that everyone has the right to refuse to have a smart meter installed in or adjacent to their home.

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