Advantages of private therapy

Some forms of counselling and psychotherapy may be available via your local NHS Trust or GP surgery.

Some advantages of private psychotherapy and counselling are:

  • You can normally get access to help and be seen without delay
  • You have control over the therapist you work with and the therapeutic orientation of the work
  • You can be seen outside normal working hours
  • Different formats and frequencies for therapy can be offered in a private setting
  • You have control over the duration of the therapy rather than being restricted to a limited number of sessions
  • Private psychotherapy is not restricted to the treatment of clinical conditions, but can also be used for various aspects of personal, spiritual and professional development
  • Private psychotherapy and any psychiatric diagnostic labels or other sensitive information will not appear as part of your medical record and no information about you shared with anyone else without your consent.  Information contained in medical records can sometimes affect applications, insurance policies etc.
  • A wider range of therapies and ways of working are available privately than those typically offered in the NHS

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