Life Coaching


I offer a Life Coaching service which supports people in achieving their personal development aims.  Life Coaching differs from psychotherapy, but shares some areas of crossover.  Essentially Life Coaching is about addressing three main support needs: Guidance, Empowerment and Improvement.

The first step in the Life Coaching process is our Introductory meeting, followed by an assessment stage that allows us to build a picture of your life and put together an inventory of your aims and any obstacles that may exist to your achieving those aims, followed by a written plan that we update and refine as we undertake weekly sessions, with any between-session support you might want to add on to assist you in getting there.


This aspect of Life Coaching is about providing you with the skills, information and support to be able to clarify your vision and aims, overcome obstacles to utilising your potential, and start making the changes in your life that will bring about the realisation of your goals.


This is about supporting and encouraging you to believe in yourself and your potential as a person to take the necessary steps to the creation of a new perspective, direction or lifestyle.  Your willingness to make a clear commitment and to bring the energy needed to begin making changes is a fundamental part of your empowerment.


This is the transition that you make from where you are to where you want to be in life.  It relies on your taking the necessary steps and doing the work required of your journey to a new place in life.

Once you are clearly on your way to achieving your goals sessions can be reduced to fortnightly and monthly follow-ups to tackle any residual difficulties or make improvements according to your needs.

Examples of how Life Coaching can be used to bring about change:

  • Getting out of a rutt and starting to live a more enjoyable, meaningful life
  • Making changes to your life that you find difficult to tackle alone
  • Moving from an unsatisfying lifestyle to one that brings greater fulfilment
  • Improving your social skills and confidence
  • Addressing your insecurities around finding and forming a relationship
  • Preparing for interviews and employment
  • Managing a difficult, harassing or toxic workplace
  • Learning to be more assertive
  • Increasing your self-reliance
  • Identifying your life purpose
  • De-cluttering your life of everything that you really don’t need
  • Living your values
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Getting out of abusive, toxic or unhealthy relationships and finding people who are good for you
  • Learning non-violent communication, straight-talking, how to say difficult things in clear and inoffensive ways

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