Mental Health Feedback: help me help you

In a continual effort to expand my understanding of the needs of people who need help, I wanted to invite you to tell me something about your experiences of seeking help or being helped.  Your comments are valuable in developing my own psychotherapy and personal development practice and understanding as a person, and if you would like to send your views in confidence you can use the form below without your name added.  Otherwise, please feel free to use the reply box.

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  1. How nice of you to ask! 🙂

    These are pretty broad questions, and I’ve been helped by many people over my life in many ways, so it’s a little hard to answer.

    In therapy, I find it helpful when I can talk and when someone asks me good questions and seems to understand and care. It’s helpful to have a less emotional / less distorted perspective. e.g. A former therapist told me, “That’s f**ked up,” when I was saying how I was angry that my dad told some people personal information that I very clearly asked him not to tell anyone. It made me realize that it was actually wrong of him and that my anger was justified.

    The things that have stayed with me are probably the ways I’ve changed my life as a result of suggestions and rethinking things and using new skills. I’m doing better now (well, just the past few days; that could change; before, it was bad for a while; but I’ll take it!!), but it’s harder to see how I got here? Maybe just by pushing through and continuing to use skills (DBT skills and other stuff that I know works for me), especially emotion regulation skills.

    Another important thing I’ve gotten out of therapy is being more open and comfortable talking about things that I didn’t talk about before and having someone I can trust with those things. Now, I talk to other people in my life about those things. 🙂

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    1. Stephen says:

      Hi, many thanks for taking the time to leave some comments. It’s very helpful to know what helped you and what you remember that was positive. I think back on all the years of therapy I’ve had and there are a few things that stay with me: mostly the therapist being genuine and ‘human’ – not playing the role of being a therapist. I’m glad your therapy gave you something that you can use in the world and I hope that things are going well for you. All the best, Stephen

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      1. Thank you 🙂 I think the times my therapist has felt like a real person have been really nice, too. I’m glad some stuff has stuck with you too

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