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  • PLEASE NOTE: From May 1st new monthly passwords are no longer sent by email. If you are a current patient you can only obtain updated passwords for notation in your notebook during your next session.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


This resource section contains a large collection of articles I’ve written as psycho-educational material (over 120 at the time of writing) for use exclusively by current patients who attend weekly after they complete assessment.  The articles in general are information-dense, providing learning and psycho-educational material specific to my approach in psychotherapy. The volume of this information alone could easily take hundreds of psychotherapy sessions to deliver. Here, it is a free part of the service I offer to patients attending weekly.

Go to the foot of each page to find relevant material using the RESOURCE THEMES and SEARCH BOX
  • NOTE: The Resources section is not intended to be used as self-help, but as an educational support to regular in-session psychotherapy work guided by your therapist.
In each article you can click on TAGS to bring up related articles

During sessions I often recommend patients read specific articles relevant to the work they are doing. Click on the article Resource Theme Tags at the foot of each web page and in the articles themselves to search for related themes and other articles that form a series.

More articles can be found by clicking on OLDER POSTS

Free Access for Current Patients Attending Weekly

Current patients attending weekly in-person or via SKYPE have automatic access to all existing and newly published articles (usually I publish at least one or two new articles a month). 

At the foot of each page there is a search box and Resource Themes Word Cloud that you can use to identify and search specific topics.

  • Patients (including fortnightly) can also request a study plan tailored to their particular history and presentation. This can be done by purchasing a Therapy Card or as a separate service. I use this time to review your file, putting together articles containing information that I consider will be key in supporting your therapy.

Study Plan and Access to Resources for Patients Attending Fortnightly

A tailored study plan allows you to structure your reading of Resource articles in a way that supports the work you’re doing in sessions.

For patients who attend less than weekly, full access to Resources is also available for a one-off fee or by purchasing a 10+1 Therapy card.  Access to Resources remains available for the duration of your attendance or Therapy Card.  Minimum attendance required is once every two weeks.

Suggest Themes or Ideas for Articles

If you are a current patient and would like to read an article on a subject that I haven’t yet addressed in my Resources section, you can fill out the form below to suggest a topic. Include as many details as you like.

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