Resource Themes

All articles in the Resources Section are organised under keywords or themes that can be found on this page or at the foot of any of the website pages. Articles are password protected and accessible by patients attending sessions weekly; or by a small one-off fee for those attending fortnightly.

Abuse and Exploitation

Abuse Cycle Series

Addiction and Phobia


Anger, Emotion and Passive-Aggression

Anxiety and Angst

Audio Recordings

Authenticity and Freedom

Authenticity Series

Awareness Development and Meditation

Being-in-the-world Series


Boundaries Series

Childhood Needs

Child Work Series

Conformity: People Pleasing, Normality and Social Control

Courage, Confidence, and Purpose


Crisis and Trauma

Death, Grief and Bereavement


Depression Series

Dissociation, Derealisation, and Depersonalisation

Dreams, Fantasy, Neurosis and Psychosis

Drugs, Alcohol and Pharmaceuticals

Emotions Series

Essential Reading

Existential Affirmation Series

Existential Analysis

Experiential Work:

Aggression Work

Audio Recordings

Child Work Series

Introject Work

Fear, Insecurity, Worry and Avoidance

Healthcare Services

Kindness, Love, Appreciation, Gratitude

Loneliness and Aloneness


Mindset Series

Narcissism, Destructive Envy and Entitlement

Outsider, Whistleblower, Scapegoat

Overthinking Series

Psychiatry and Psychology

Outsider Series

Psychotherapy Series

Reason-for-Being Series

Relationship Series



Self-Esteem and Self-Care

Self-Reliance and Dependency

Self and Identity Series


Spirituality and Meaning

Stress, Conflict and Introjects

Transference and Projection


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