Appointments and Other Services

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Form 2: Request Other Services or Appointments

If we have already had an Introductory Meeting, use this form to request an Assessment, or an in-person or SKYPE session, an invoice or written work.

You will normally be sent an appointment within 24 hours, which should be prepaid before 9pm that day if you want to book it. Please only request an appointment if you are ready and available to give a response to the offer the same day(*see spam caution below). Full payment details are sent with offers of appointment. Refunds are possible (minus 10% admin fee) when more than 36 hours notice is given prior to appointment.

  • Order a Therapy Card HERE
  • Order Supplementary Support HERE

Thank you for your request

  • *Persons who request appointments but who then ignore offers of appointment sent to them are assumed to be spammers and are automatically added to this website’s blocked list to prevent wasting time that is needed for legitimate patient enquiries. If you don’t receive a reply to your request within 24 hours or you think your email has been spam-blocked by the website email me direct.


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