Fill out the Request Form below to:

Use the Pre-Payment Form further down the page to:

  • Confirm your acceptance and pre-payment of an appointment you have been offered today


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Request Form

A. Request your appointment or any other service by completing this form

B. I will send you details of available appointments, the correct fee and payment details if you are pre-paying

C. Pay in cash at the session or send a pre-payment to arrive before by 9pm GMT to secure the appointment

Thank you for your request

  • I can normally respond to your messages within a few hours.  If you receive no response within 24 hours please email me directly.



Pre-payment Form

Use this form to confirm that you have sent your pre-payment and to request an appointment.  You can also use the form to confirm that you have sent a payment for a specific appointment you have been offered today as long as your funds and the form arrive no later than 9pm GMT.

If your funds arrive later than 9pm GMT on the day the appointment is offered, you may have to re-arrange an alternative appointment day or time e.g. patients living abroad who use international bank transfers that take up to 3 days to arrive.  Using Paypal, buying a 10+1 or 6Plus Therapy Card, or sending pre-payments a few days prior to asking for an appointment can solve this problem.

Appointment Times:

  • All patient contact is by appointment only
  • Appointment times: Monday to Saturday, 12:00-19:30 (last appointment)
  • Out-of-Hours appointments: Monday to Saturday 09:00, 10:30, 21:00 and 22:30, all day Sunday and Public Holidays.  See Supplementary Support page for details.
  • Location of my practice is Cumbernauld Road in Stepps, 4 miles North East of Glasgow’s city centre.  It’s a quiet residential area with on-street parking.

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Therapy Card 10 OFF 12 Fees can be reduced with a Therapy Card


Payment Terms:

  • If you have been offered an appointment it should be pre-paid and confirmed no later than 9pm GMT on the day it is offered, otherwise it may no longer be available.
  • Admin Fee: All late fees, refunds and invoiced fees are subject to a 10% admin fee (£6 minimum) on the transferable amount.  International refunds may be subject to additional transfer and exchange fees.
  • All electronic payments must arrive in my account before I can issue a confirmed appointment.
  • Cancellation Fees apply to any session cancelled, missed or rescheduled with less than 36 hours notice.  See Agreement for details.

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