Cancelling, Missing, and Late Bookings

last updated August 26, 2021

All online therapy and in-person sessions are now pre-paid at the time of booking the appointment

This page forms part of our Agreement and is relevant to you if, for any reason, you are:

  • MISSING a session you have booked [DNA]
  • CANCELLING or rescheduling a session with less than 48 hours notice [CND]
  • SKIPPING a week or session [for any reason, including for COVID self-isolation]
  • BOOKING LATE: when you haven’t booked your next appointment during your current one

BOOKING LATE: If you haven’t yet booked and paid for your next appointment during your current one, it is important that you secure it as soon as possible if you want to avoid losing a regular weekly slot. You can do this quite easily by sending the confirmation of payment form below as soon as possible before 10pm the day of your most recent appointment. If you have already attended your first session, pre-paying a new appointment outside the most recent session instead of during it incurs a £5 booking fee to cover the admin time involved in extra emailing, notes, and checking online transactions etc.

Online Therapy (SKYPE) appointments are booked by sending pre-payment and confirmation as soon as possible before 10pm the day of your most recent session.

If you don’t send confirmation before 10pm, it’s assumed that you don’t want to book a new appointment, and the blank space in my diary will be automatically offered to another patient on the waiting list. If you later ask to continue therapy, an alternative slot may not be available, and you may ask to be placed on the waiting list or to be discharged. Evening slots, in particular, are always in high demand.

Follow-on appointments are only guaranteed if you have:

  • paid all outstanding admin fees, and
  • prepaid the new appointment, or
  • have a 10+1 Therapy Card (See FEES menu)

Use this confirmation form to book your next session before 10pm today:

Please use the electronic payment details under the FEES menu to send your payment before sending this form


If I cancel or reschedule your session with less than 24 hours notice then your next session fee will be discounted by 25%.

All outstanding fees must be paid before any new appointment is booked.

Refunds are only possible with 10+1 Therapy Cards. All single booked sessions are non-refundable but can be rescheduled with more than 48 hours notice.

Cancelling (CND): If you miss a session, or cancel or reschedule a session with less than 48 hours notice, no reason is required to be given. Such sessions are chargeable as they are time reserved for you that cannot be filled. Please let me know when you wish to re-attend by using the form above, and I will send you a new appointment when your next session prepayment is received.

Rescheduling (CND): You can reschedule a session once with more than 48 hours notice

Missed Sessions (DNA or Did Not Attend): I remain available for the first half of an unattended session after which the session is considered non-viable. 

Skipping Weeks/ Sporadic Attendance: You are under no obligation or pressure to continue psychotherapy work. But when I have a waiting list of people in need of help I’m not able to accommodate sporadic attendance. Regular weekly attendance is assumed from motivated patients who seriously want to achieve their aims.

  • If you need to skip sessions in the first 8 weeks of therapy after Assessment you will be offered SKYPE attendance during the skipped week, or a place on the waiting list as I’m not able to keep your slot open whilst there are people in need waiting for help. At other times multiple cancellations in any 8 week period are addressed in the fee schedule below for patients who want to have their therapy slot kept open for them.
  • COVID-19 self-isolation/ other illness can be addressed by attending sessions by SKYPE for the duration of your self-isolation, or by returning to the waiting list if you choose to skip sessions to self-isolate. If I need to self-isolate then the same applies.

Fee Schedule

The following fees apply to missed, rescheduled or cancelled sessions. CND = cancelled/ rescheduled; DNA = missed/ did not attend


Standard Fee: £60 for 60 minutes/ £90 for 90 minutes

  • A. 50% of Expected Fee:
    • CND 3: 3rd skipped week in any 8 week period (any amount of notice) or join waiting list
  • B. Expected Fee
    • CND 1: Cancelled or Rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice
    • CND 2/3: 2nd or 3rd short-notice cancellation/ rescheduling in any 8 week period
    • DNA: Did Not Attend and no notice given
    • CND 4: 4th short-notice cancellation in any 8 week period results in discharge
    • CND 4: 4th skipped week in any 8 week period (any amount of notice) full fee to retain your slot, or discharge
    • Out of Hours appointments CNDs: standard fee applies
    • Out of Hours DNA: 100% of expected fee


  • As for Individuals and:
  • CND: One/ Both partners CND: 100% of expected session fee
  • DNA: One/ Both partners DNA: 100% of expected fee


  • As for Individuals and:
  • ONE or more members CND/ DNA: individual member’s portion of the expected fee
  • ALL members CND: 100% of expected session fee
  • ALL members DNA: 100% of expected session fee

Therapy Card Holders:

  • As per individuals and/ or:
  • CND/ DNA/ Skipping: one pre-paid session/ week lost

Written and Audio Work

All written work or audio recording is pre-paid with any remainder of the unused payment refunded when the work is completed.  Written work that is cancelled before or after commencement of writing is charged according to the time spent on the work, including any necessary reading and administration time spent prior to writing (a minimum fee of £60 applies).  Incomplete work is unsigned and, as such, any unsigned or incomplete work remains unissued and becomes invalid upon cancellation.

Where the credibility of a patient’s presentation, her symptoms or circumstances come into question, or there is a suspicion that material facts have been exaggerated, falsely presented or made in error, any written work, including reports, letters, letters of support for employment or benefits applications, or assessments in written form signed by me are immediately devalidated retrospectively.  A statement of devalidation will be made to any third party seeking from me confirmation of such documents including reasons for the devalidation. 

  • Subject Access Requests £60-120 pre-paid by cash or bank transfer only per part hour for collation/ clarification of shorthand notes and conversion to PDF file (minimum charge £60).