Safety-Care-Information-Danger-Symbol-Free-Image-W-3864 COVID-19: during social distancing measures introductory meetings, assessments and other sessions can still be conducted effectively via Skype-icon.png SKYPE.


Fees for Individuals, Couples, Groups, Families, Online and Supplementary Support



  • 60 or 90 minute sessions
  • Sessions start from as little as £40 for individuals and £20 for groups, using Therapy Cards and current offers.

Two fee levels:

  • Flexible attendance: the standard flat fee applies to any session attended more than a calendar week apart
  • Weekly attendance: a reduced fee comes with sessions attended a calendar week or less apart

Fees include supportive materials sent between sessions by email and full access to online resources.  Payment method is cash in-person at each session. Fees and terms are updated throughout the year.  Offers (highlighted below) are time-limited and can vary from week to week.


refer a friend

Refer a friend and get £25 credit each

Refer a friend and get £25 credit for you and each friend or family member you refer who completes assessment.  Credit can be used towards 60 or 90 minute sessions of any format or modality. Not valid for members of the same group therapy or couples therapy.


Therapy Card 10 OFF 12

  • Therapy Card £100*: £10 off every session for 16 weeks
  • Therapy Card £200*: £10 off every session for a year
  • Therapy Card 10+1º: Prepay 10 sessions and get 1 free

* A Therapy Card can be used for an unlimited number of individual, couples or group sessions in any format or modality including assessments within the card’s expiration date, with no specific attendance requirements. Non-refundable.

º 10+1 Therapy Cards do not include assessments.  Choose a weekly or flexible tariff, with a 12 or 23 week expiration date respectively, in-person or Skype.




  • Introductory Meeting (60 minutes) £45
  • Assessment sessions (60 minutes) £60
  • 60 minute sessions:
    • Weekly attendance £55/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £50
    • Flexible attendance, flat fee £60/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £55
  • 90 minute sessions (add £20 to weekly fee/ £25 to flexible fee)




Couples can be two partners, two family members e.g. parent and teenage child, or two friends who want to work on improving their relationship in some way, or for example, who need to overcome a bereavement, conflict or significant change of circumstances.

  • Introductory Meeting (60 minutes) £35 per person/ £45 individually
  • Assessment sessions (60 minutes) £55 (conducted individually)
  • 60 minute couples sessions:
    • Weekly attendance £75 per session/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £70
    • Flexible attendance, flat fee £85 per session/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £80
  • 90 minute couples sessions (add £25 to weekly fee/ £30 to flexible fee)



Groups and Families°

Groups and families can comprise three or more people working through shared experiences such as bereavement, difficulties that they struggle with, workplace problems, relationship-building or overcoming old wounds, for example.  90 minute sessions are recommended for groups of four or more.  Themed groups are also available for addressing specific skills or aims (see the relevant page for details).  Individual therapy may be more appropriate for individual problems that cannot be adequately addressed in a group setting.

  • Introductory Meeting (60 minutes) £35 per person/ £45 individually
  • Assessment sessions (60 minutes) £55 per person (conducted individually)
  • 60 minute group sessions per person:
    • Weekly attendance £33/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £30
    • Flexible attendance £38/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £35
  • 90 minute group sessions (add £10 per person)

°3 persons minimum per group, otherwise see couples rates

*Family Skype-icon.png SKYPE Therapy: fee payments and appointments over Skype should be made by one designated family member acting on behalf of everyone.  Sessions done in-person can be paid in cash.



Supplementary Support

Supplementary support is the provision of extra input at a discounted fee rate that you can use flexibly according to need in between regular weekly face-to-face or online sessions.  It is time that is on standby ‘just in case’ you need it and is available to individuals, couples, and groups and delivered online by Skype, email, telephone or online chat (minimum use 15 minutes at a time).  Supplementary Support minutes are purchased in cash in advance at your next session and used as little or as often as you need, with any unused credit (as money) being put towards one of your sessions if you prefer.

  • Supportive materials sent between sessions by email are free of charge
  • 60 supplementary support minutes £45 per person prepaid
  • Out of Hours Support (up to 11pm) – please enquire



12 Week Personal Development Modules

See Modules page for details

  • 12 week* modules £695
  • Introductory meeting and assessment included or separate
  • 60 minute one-to-one sessions in person or via Skype-icon.png SKYPE
  • 60 extra email support minutes free, for use between sessions
  • 60 extra Skype-icon.png SKYPE support minutes free, for use between sessions
  • supportive materials sent between sessions by email
  • full access to online resources

*Weekly attendance required within a 12 week expiration date.



Other work

  • Home Visit Sessions (payable in advance by cash or bank transfer):
    • under 15 minutes drive from my location add £20 to regular fee
    • under 30 minutes drive from my location add £35 to regular fee
    • Conditions apply – please enquire
  • Meditation tuition (50 minutes) various forms £45
  • 3rd party invoicing (EAP, corporate etc): £65 per session*

*Fee includes full psychosocial assessment, brief written summary of assessment, recommendations, invoicing, estimated costing and brief discharge summary when planned as 12 sessions or more.



Written work

  • Written assessment or discharge summary, relevant history, summary analysis of difficulties, and treatment recommendations* £60 per hour prepaid (£70 corporate invoiced):
    • Individuals: to a maximum fee of £240 prepaid (£280 corporate invoiced)
    • Couples: to a maximum fee of £300 prepaid (£350 corprate invoiced)
    • Groups/ Families: to a maximum fee of £400 prepaid (£450 corporate invoiced)

*Assessment sessions [charged separately] are required to gather the information needed to produce a written report. This may involve anything up to four 60 minute meetings [average two] or more depending on complexity, discussion time, and volume of information to manage.  Refunds are made on prepaid amounts based on actual time spent on the written report.


Full terms and agreement are given prior to assessment.  Terms in brief:

  • Sessions cancelled with less than 36 hours notice or missed without notice are chargeable at the anticipated rate.  If I cancel your session with less than 36 hours notice you will be offered your session free of charge (conditions apply to group/ family cancellations).  Monies collected from cancelled or missed sessions may be used to offer free or reduced fee sessions to patients on low income
  • Admin Fee: All late fees, invoiced fees, and refunds on prepayments and offers are now subject to a 10% admin fee (£6 minimum) on the transferable amount.  When part-used, refunded amounts are also calculated on any used time being deducted at the weekly or flexible fee current at the time of refund.

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