Fees for Individuals, Couples, Groups, Families, Online and Supplementary Support

[Page last updated October 14, 2019]

  • All fees are payable in cash at the beginning or end of each session. 
  • Online Support and Home Visits are payable 24 hours in advance by Bank Transfer [or Paypal if you live outside of the UK]
  • Late fees are invoiced and carry an administration charge
  • Fees may be adjusted throughout the year.



My sessions are 60 minutes long, giving you about 17% more time and better value than the industry standard ‘therapeutic hour’ (which is actually 50 minutes).  60 minute sessions work out at the equivalent of one session free in every 5 by comparison.

  • Introductory Meeting £40 (normally £50)
  • Assessment session £50
  • 12+2: Pre-pay 12 sessions and get 2 free*

I have four fee rates for individuals:

  • Standard 60 minute sessions (ad hoc, fortnightly, monthly sessions etc)
    • flat fee £50
  • Reducing fee scale (for regular weekly attendance only, 60 minutes):
    • £50 per session (sessions 1 to 12**)
    • £45 per session (after session 12)
    • £40 per session (after session 24)
    • £35 per session (after session 36)
  • 90 minute sessions (add £15)
  • Insurance-related work, corporate and 3rd party invoicing:
    • flat fee £60 per session*** (12 sessions and over)

*Bi-weekly and weekly attendance and 12 week courses only.  Can include assessment sessions.

**Not including assessment sessions. 

***Fee includes full psychosocial assessment, brief written summary of assessment, recommendations, invoicing, estimated costing and brief discharge summary when planned as 12 sessions or more.  For less than 12 sessions, written assessment and discharge summaries etc add £15 to session fee



Couples session fees reduce according to your level of support need: the greater your need, the lower your fee becomes over time.

  • Introductory 60 minute Meeting £35 per person
  • Assessment session £35 per person (conducted individually)
  • Couples 12+2: Pre-pay 12 sessions and get 2 free*

I have three fee rates for couples:

  • Standard 60 minute couples session (ad hoc sessions)
    • flat fee £35 each
  • Reducing fee scale for couples (for regular weekly attendance only, 60 minutes):
    • £35 per person per session (sessions 1 to 12**)
    • £30 per person per session (after session 12)
    • £25 per person per session (after session 24)
  • 90 minute couples sessions (add £12 per person)

*Can include assessment sessions

**Not including assessment sessions


Groups and Families:

I have various fee rates for groups and families:

  • One-to-one sessions and assessments for group therapy (60 minutes) £40
  • Individual therapy (whilst also in group therapy) £40 per session
  • 60 minute group sessions: flat fee £25 per person
  • 90 minute group sessions:
    • Reducing fee scale for groups (for regular weekly attendance only):
      • £35 per person per session (sessions 1 to 12*)
      • £30 per person per session (after session 12)
      • £25 per person per session (after session 24)
    • Flat fee for groups (ad hoc, fortnightly, monthly sessions):
      • £35 per person
  • Group 12+2: Pre-pay 12 sessions and get 2 free**

*Not including assessment sessions

**Can include assessment sessions


Supplementary Support

Supplementary support is extra input at a discounted fee rate that you can use flexibly according to need in between regular weekly face-to-face or online sessions.  It is available to individuals, couples, and groups and delivered online by Skype, email, telephone or online chat whenever you need it.  It can be purchased in advance at your next session and used as little or as often as you need, with any unused credit (as money) being put towards one of your sessions if you wish.

  • 60 supplementary support minutes £35 to use as:
    • One 60 minute or two 30 minute skype sessions OR
    • multiple emails OR
    • Four 15 minute/ Two 30 minute phone sessions
  • Out of Hours Support £30-75 (please enquire)
  • Written Assessment Summary + Problem Formulation + any Support Recommendations* £75 (individuals)

*Assessment sessions are required to gather the information needed to produce a written report. This may involve anything up to four 60 minute meetings.

12 Week Personal Development Modules

  • See Modules page for details
  • 12 week module £600:
    • Introductory meeting and assessment
    • 60 minute one-to-one sessions in person or via Skype
    • 120 email support minutes free, for use between sessions

Other work

  • Home Visit Sessions (payable in advance by cash or bank transfer):
    • under 15 minutes drive from my location add £20 to regular fee
    • under 30 minutes drive from my location add £35 to regular fee
    • Conditions apply – please enquire
  • Psycho-education (60 minutes) £50
  • One to one Yoga tuition (60 minutes) £50
  • Personal Development Session (60 minutes) £50 (£60 corporate, business)
  • Meditation tuition (50 minutes) various forms £40
  • Life Coaching Session (60 minutes) £50
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
    • one to one sessions £50 (£60 corporate)
    • couples £35 each
    • groups (enquire)
    • Written analysis and recommendations £50 per hour (£60 corporate)

Sessions cancelled with less than 36 hours notice or missed without notice are chargeable at the anticipated rate.  If I cancel your session with less than 36 hours notice you will be offered your session free of charge.

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