Below is a list of fees for each service or session, including current offers.  I offer 60 minute sessions as standard* as it gives you a bit more space than the conventional ’50 minute hour’ and about 17% better value by comparison.  Group and family sessions are generally 90 minutes long unless stated otherwise, and individual 90 minute sessions are also available.

*except introductory meetings

Time-limited Offers

  • Introductory Meeting £30 (normally £45)
  • Pre-pay 5 sessions, get 50 extra support minutes* FREE
  • Pre-pay 12 sessions, and choose either:
    • 120 FREE additional support minutes (equivalent of 2 free extra sessions) to use in any format (value £110 individuals/£160 couples) OR
    • 12th session FREE (save £55 individuals/ £80 couples)
  • Attend 15 pay-as-you-go sessions and get 16th free (value £55/£80)
  • 50 minute one-to-one meditation tuition, now £35
  • Attend 11 group sessions and get the 12th group session free
  • SKYPE: FREE 50 support minutes with first 5 sessions paid in advance (350 minutes = £225)
  • SKYPE: FREE 120 support minutes with first 10 sessions paid in advance (720 minutes for £450)

* For use by Skype, telephone or email support in between sessions or beyond if more sessions are booked

Overview of Fees

Please note that fees are adjusted every April


  • Introductory Meeting (50 minutes) £45
  • All Sessions (60 minutes) £55
    • 90 minutes £70
    • Reduced fee session £45* and over
    • Donation only session £35* and over

*Reduced fee and Donation only sessions are reserved for people whose total household income is less than £1000/ 800 per month and who are in need of support in periods of ongoing mental distress or life difficulty.  They are not normally available for personal development or personal growth work.  If in doubt please enquire.


  • Introductory 60 minute Meeting £60 (£30 per person)
  • 60 minute assessment session £55 per person (conducted individually)
  • 60 minute sessions £40 per person (and £40 if/ when seen individually)

Groups and Families:

  • Group therapy (90 minutes)

    • £25 per person (£20 if four in group)
    • One-to-one introductory meeting and assessment for group therapy (60 minutes) £35
    • One-to-one meeting outside group (60 minutes) £35
    • OFFER: Attend 11 consecutive group sessions and get the 12th group session free
  • Families (90 minutes)

    • Family Session £25 per person (£20 if four in group.  Maximum of four people)
    • Introductory meeting for family therapy (60 minutes) £25 per person
    • 60 minute assessment session £35 (done individually)
    • One-to-one meeting outside group (60 minutes) £35

Supplementary Support

Supplementary support is extra input you might need from me in between your regular weekly face-to-face sessions (applies to individuals, couples, or groups) and delivered online by Skype, email, telephone or online chat.  It can be purchased in advance at your next session and used as little or as often as you need, with any unused credit (as money) being put towards one of your sessions if you wish.

  • 60 support minutes £35 to use as:
    • One 60 minute or two 30 minute skype sessions OR
    • multiple emails OR
    • Four 15 minute chat sessions OR
    • Four 15 minute phone sessions

Other work

  • Home Visit Sessions:
    • under 15 minutes drive from my location add £15 to regular fee
    • under 30 minutes drive from my location add £30 to regular fee
    • Conditions apply – please enquire
  • Psycho-education (60 minutes) £45
  • One to one Yoga tuition (60 minutes) £45
  • Personal Development Session (60 minutes) £40-55
  • Meditation tuition (50 minutes) various forms £40
  • Life Coaching Session (60 minutes) £55

glasgow therapy counselling people b4 profitBrief Terms (Full Terms available on request)

  1. No discounts or offers can be combined at the same time except with the Introductory Meeting and offers for existing customers and patients
  2. Discounted Prepaid sessions are only refundable in full when completely unused.  If Part-used any refund is calculated minus the pre-paid discount/ extra in 60 minute periods.  Odd minutes less than 60 minutes are non-refundable.
  3. Face-to-face sessions are payable in cash unless pre-paid by agreement.
  4. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are chargeable at the anticipated rate.

All written material on this website is subject to copyright and cannot be used or reproduced without permission and clear attribution being made to the author.  Please contact me if in doubt.