Fees for Individuals



  • Introductory Meeting £50 prepaid/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £50 prepaid
  • Assessment session £60/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £60 prepaid
  • Review session* £60/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £60 prepaid
  • 60 minute psychotherapy sessions £60/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £60 prepaid
    • Fees can be as low as £53 with a Therapy Card
    • Full access to resources with weekly attendance
  • Other:
    • Out-of-Hours sessions (see relevant Fees page)
    • Meditation tuition (50 minutes) various forms £50
    • 3rd party invoicing (EAP, corporate etc): £70 per session**
    • Personal Development, Life Coaching and Psycho-education Sessions (60 minutes) £60/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £60 prepaid

*Review sessions can be requested at any time and are mandatory after a 3 week break from both in-person and SKYPE sessions

**Fee includes full psychosocial assessment, brief written summary of assessment, recommendations, invoicing, estimated costing and brief discharge summary when planned as 12 sessions or more.

Fees Guide

  • Online Therapy via Skype-icon.png SKYPE: sessions are pre-paid

Fees include full access to online resources with weekly attendance.

  • 60  minute sessions (industry standard is 50 mins)
  • Session Fees can be reduced with a Therapy Card

Payment Methods: Cash at each session, UK Bank Transfer or International Bank or Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Paypal (£4 surcharge per person per session).

Appointment Times: Monday to Saturday, 12:00-19:30 (last appointment)

Out-of-Hours Appointments: Monday to Saturday 09:00, 10:30, 21:00 and 22:30, all day Sunday and all Public Holidays.  See Supplementary Support page below for Fee details.


Full Agreement and Boundaries are given prior to assessment. Terms in brief:

  • Sessions cancelled, missed or rescheduled with less than 36 hours notice carry charges.  See Agreement for details.
  • Admin Fee: All late fees, refunds and invoiced fees are now subject to a 10% admin fee (£6 minimum) on the transferable amount.

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