Fees for Couples



Couples can be two partners, two family members e.g. parent and child over 16, or two friends who want to work on improving their relationship in some way, or for example, who need to overcome a bereavement, conflict or significant change of circumstances. Where couples are separated, estranged or conflicted I would suggest meeting individually for the introductory meeting.  Introductory Meetings are followed by individual Assessments when couples want to proceed.

  • Introductory Meeting (60 minutes) £40 per person prepaid if attending together/ £50 prepaid per person when attending individually
  • Assessment sessions (60 minutes) £60 prepaid (conducted individually)
  • Review session* £100/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £95 per session prepaid
  • 60 minute couples sessions*:
    • Online Therapy via Skype-icon.png SKYPE £85 per session prepaid**
    • Weekly in-person attendance £90 per session prepaid
    • Flexible in-person attendance £100 per session prepaid
  • 90 minute couples sessions* (add £40)

*Review sessions can be requested at any time and are mandatory after a 3 week break from both in-person and SKYPE sessions

** If paying separately by electronic payment, fees are halved and rounded up to cover additional admin time e.g. £45 each for Skype, £47.50 each for weekly in-person attendance; £52.50 each for flexible attendance