Fees for Groups and Families


Groups and Families°

Groups and families can comprise three or more people working through shared experiences such as bereavement, difficulties that they struggle with, workplace problems, relationship-building or overcoming old wounds, for example. Themed groups are also available for addressing specific skills or aims (see the relevant page for details). Individual therapy may be more appropriate for individual problems that cannot be adequately addressed in a group setting.

  • Introductory Meeting (60 minutes) £40 prepaid per person when attending together/ £50 prepaid per person when attending individually
  • Assessment session (60 minutes) £60 per person (conducted individually)
  • Review session** £45 per person/ Skype-icon.png SKYPE £45 prepaid per person
  • 60 minute group sessions per person:
    • Online Therapy viaSkype-icon.png SKYPE £45 prepaid
    • Weekly in-person attendance £45
    • Flexible in-person attendance £50
  • 90 minute group sessions (add £20 per person)

°3 persons minimum per group, otherwise see couples rates. 90 minute sessions are strongly recommended for groups of 4 or more to allow each person sufficient time to talk.

*Family Therapy: fee payments (including bank transfers) and appointments should be made by one designated family member acting on behalf of everyone in order to save time and emailing.  Sessions done in-person can be paid in cash.

**Review sessions can be requested at any time and are mandatory after a 3 week break from both in-person and SKYPE sessions


Fees Guide

  • Flexible Attendance: standard fees apply to sessions attended in-person at different times or different days each week, or more than 7 days apart
  • Weekly Attendance: reduced fees apply to sessions attended in-person at the same time on the same day each week (or more than one session per week)
  • Online Therapy via Skype-icon.png SKYPE: sessions are pre-paid

Fees include full access to online resources with weekly attendance.

  • 60 or 90 minute sessions
  • Sessions start from as little as £45 for individuals and £30 for groups, when using a Therapy Card (see below)

Payment Methods: Cash at each session, UK Bank Transfer or International Bank or Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Paypal (£4 surcharge per person per session).

Appointment Times: Monday to Saturday, 12:00-19:30 (last appointment)

Out-of-Hours Appointments: 20:45 GMT and all Public Holidays.


Full Agreement and Boundaries are given prior to assessment. Terms in brief:

  • Sessions cancelled, missed or rescheduled with less than 36 hours notice carry charges.  See Agreement for details.
  • Admin Fee: All late fees, refunds and invoiced fees are now subject to a 10% admin fee (£6 minimum) on the transferable amount.