Fees for Supplementary Support


Supplementary Support

Supplementary Support is additional support time that you can use if or when required between your regular sessions*.  Support minutes are purchased in advance in 60 minute periods (by cash or electronic payment) to use for tailored support and guidance from your psychotherapist at any time during normal practice hours** if and when you need it via SKYPE, Skype chat, telephone or email.  If you find you don’t need some or all of your unused support minutes they can be transferred as time-credit to reduce or replace the fee of any normal in-person or SKYPE session.

*minimum fortnightly attendance, 60 minutes is £55 for weekly attendance and £60 for fortnightly

**email replies can often be done both inside and outside normal practice hours.  Skype or telephone sessions (minimum 20 minute duration) are available 12:00 to 19:30 GMT Mon to Sat.  Out-of-Hours sessions are possible with an additional fee (see below).

Supplementary Support minutes can be used to:

  • Get online support from your therapist in minimum periods of 20 minutes e.g. 20, 25, 30 or 60 minute periods by Skype (Video, Audio or Chat), or by telephone
  • Use email for dialogue, feedback, guidance and support (I deduct my reading and replying time from your total minutes)
  • Get recommended articles sent to you by email that are relevant to your needs, or request a structured study plan specific to your therapeutic journey
  • Work in detail on specific problems with input from your therapist
  • Use multi-media to convey ideas and expressions for feedback from your therapist (artwork, photographs, creative writing and journal work, images, music etc)
  • Maintain momentum, clarity and focus at times of heightened anxiety, mood instability or loss of purpose
  • Get written guidance on therapeutic tasks from day to day that you can re-read and reflect upon
  • Benefit from daily interactions during difficult times with someone who is direct and honest with you and who has your best interests at heart

Supplementary Support and Out-of-Hours Appointment Request Form HERE


Out-of-Hours and Short Notice Appointments

My normal practice hours are 12:00 to 19:30 Monday to Saturday.  Short-notice Out-of-Hours appointments can also be made for in-person sessions or Skype sessions. Out-of-Hours fees are paid in advance. If using Supplementary Support minutes, you may calculate the Out-of-Hours fee according to session length e.g. 20 minute session means 30% of the Out-of-Hours session supplement below.

Supplementary Support and Out-of-Hours Appointment Request Form HERE

  • Out of Hours Session Supplements* (add to your usual 60 or 90 minute session fee)
    • 09:00 add £30
    • 10:30 add £20
    • 21:00 add £30
    • 22:30 add £40
    • Sundays 12:00-19:30 add £40
    • Major UK Public Holidays (enquire) 12:00-19:30 add £20+
    • Christmas Eve after 19:00 £60
    • Christmas and Boxing Day 12:00-18:00 add £60
    • New Year’s Eve after 20:30 £60
    • New Year’s Day 12:00-19:30 add £50
    • January 2nd 12:00-18:00 add £20


Access to Resources for Patients Attending Less Than Weekly

All articles in the Resources section are accessible to patients attending weekly.  They provide a valuable supplement to any work we are doing and can significantly enhance what you gain from therapy.  For those who attend less than weekly, full access to Resources is available for a small fee.  Access to resources remains available for the duration of your therapy.  Use the Supplementary Support Form above to request access.

  • Full access to RESOURCES during flexible attendance: £20
  • Supplementary Support should not be used as Crisis Support: click HERE for UK and International Crisis Lines


Full Agreement and Boundaries are given prior to assessment. Terms in brief:

  • Sessions cancelled, missed or rescheduled with less than 36 hours notice carry charges.  See Agreement for details.
  • Admin Fee: All late fees, refunds and invoiced fees are now subject to a 10% admin fee (£6 minimum) on the transferable amount.

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