Fees for Written and Audio Work


Written and Audio Work

  • Written assessment or discharge summary, relevant history, summary analysis of difficulties, and treatment recommendations*, including letters of support and reading time
  • £80 per hour/ part hour, prepaid:
    • Individuals: to a maximum fee of £320 for any one document prepaid
    • Couples: to a maximum fee of £360 for any one document prepaid
    • Groups/ Families: to a maximum fee of £400 for any one document prepaid
  • Support Planning: £75 per hour prepaid
  • Invoices £20 each invoice (or actual time taken to produce if multiple items are involved)
  • Printing: £0.20 per page plus £15
  • Postage: recorded delivery postage at cost plus £5
  • Form filling £80 per hour/ part hour, prepaid (£95 corporate invoiced).  Minimum fee £80
  • Subject Access Requests £120 per part hour, per request prepaid for collation of file and notes, plus printing and postage costs
  • Bespoke Audio Recordings of up to 20 minutes long can be created with a backing track.  Recordings are charged at £120 per hour for collating ideas, writing, recording and editing.

*Assessment sessions [charged separately] are required to gather the information needed to produce a letter or report. This may involve anything up to four 60 minute meetings [average two] or more depending on complexity, discussion time, and volume of information to read or manage. Refunds are made on any remainder from prepaid amounts based on actual time spent on the written report and associated reading. Printing and postage costs are not included in the hourly fee.


Full Agreement and Boundaries are given prior to assessment. Terms in brief:

  • Sessions cancelled, missed or rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice carry charges.  See Agreement for details.
  • Written work: Where the credibility of a patient’s presentation, her symptoms or circumstances come into question, or there is a suspicion that material facts have been exaggerated, falsely presented or made in error, any written work, including reports, letters, letters of support for employment or benefits applications, or assessments in written form signed by me are immediately devalidated retrospectively.  A statement of devalidation will be made to any third party seeking from me confirmation of such documents including reasons for the devalidation.
  • Therapy Cards and Supplementary Support minutes cannot be used as payment for written or audio work