Guide to Logging In

Reasons you may not be able to access Resources:

  • You have only attended an Introductory Meeting and/ or your needs are still being Assessed
  • Resources are closed for maintenance
  • You have no booked sessions or have stopped attending sessions weekly
  • You have not logged in for an extended period and your access has expired
  • Access has been temporarily suspended as a security measure until your next session e.g. if you have not responded to emails sent to you
  • Your username has been flagged as unidentifiable or inappropriate
  • Your Therapy Card has expired

Choosing a WordPress Display Name and Username

Any pseudonyms, display names or usernames that don’t correspond to a current patient’s name are automatically deleted from the Resources access list.  If this happens and you are unable to login to Resources you must change your WordPress account details so that your account display name and username contain your full first name and surname, or one name and one initial (If another patient shares the same name or initials you may be asked to alter your username again to distinguish between names). For example: StevenJones4853, BruceD, JMcGowan etc.

Unacceptable Usernames

As both display names and usernames are visible to other patients when you reply to a post, or like or comment on the site, any names that contain ambiguous or offensive words will not be approved for access. You may have to delete your WordPress account and start again in the latter case. Once you have an acceptable display name and username, discuss Resource access during your next session.

Sign up and Resources login process:

  1. Click on Resources menu >
  2. Resources LOGIN > 
  3. When you create your WordPress account please create a username containing your actual name, not a pseudonym, so that you can be identified each time you login >
  4. LOGIN this will take you to >
  5. Click on Essential Reading menu > all of these are accessible during the first two months of therapy.  Once you’ve read all of the Essential Reading List articles ask for the password for the main protected articles at your session. 
  6. If you have any problems let me know during your next session and we can go through it together.