Online Payment

online payment

Use online payment if:

  • It isn’t possible to pay by cash
  • Prepaying SKYPE sessions [appointments are only provisional until payment is confirmed a minimum of 7 days before any desired appointment]
  • Prepaying 12+2 offers, Modules, Supplementary Support or Home Visit fees when they cannot be paid by cash
  • Paying a fee [missed sessions, short-notice cancellations, and late fees* should be paid on the appointment day or as soon as possible thereafter]

*Late fees (including late Skype fees) carry a 10% administration fee

If you have a UK bank account:

  • pay by cash or bank transfer (Email me for bank details)
  • Label your payment ‘Late Fee’, ’12+2′, ‘Skype’ etc
  • Then email me with the undernoted details or submit this form so that I can confirm your appointment.

If you don’t have a UK bank account:

  • pay by international bank transfer or Paypal (payment confirmation is automatic with Paypal)
  • Email me for bank details or international bank details
  • Label your payment ‘Late Fee’, ’12+2′, ‘Skype’ etc
  • Paypal e-cheques are not acceptable


Thank you for your payment