Online Support

skypeTherapy, counselling, life coaching and other personal development work are all available via Video, Telephone, Email and Chat depending on your needs and practicalities.

Skype or Telegram, are software applications that offer free, encrypted Video calls, telephone and chat from anywhere in the world.  This can be particularly useful for people who need:

  • occasional support in between regular weekly sessions
  • support during breaks from therapy
  • help if you are unable to leave the house
  • support whilst travelling
  • help if you live too far away from Glasgow
  • help if you live outside Scotland

How it works

You buy a set amount of ‘support minutes’ that you can then use for Video, Email, Chat or Telephone support.  Pre-paid minutes can be purchased in British Pounds Sterling only: using Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer (or International Bank Transfer) or Bitcoin.

Two Fee Rates:

  1. Supplementary Support is for people seeing me for face-to-face sessions who need additional help or guidance in between sessions
  2. Online Support is for people only doing work online via video, chat, email or telephone.

Online Support Fees and Discounts:

  • 50 minute pre-paid introductory meeting £30
  • 60 minute assessment session paid in advance £40
  • 60 support minutes paid in advance £40
    • £15 DISCOUNT on Five 60 support minute periods paid in advance (300 minutes = £185)
    • £50 DISCOUNT on Ten 60 support minute periods paid in advance (600 minutes for £350)
  • £30+ low-income sessions^

^Low income sessions are reserved for people whose total household income is less than £1000 per month and who are in need of support in periods of ongoing mental distress or life difficulty that could be addressed in the NHS.  They are not normally available for personal development or personal growth work.

Online Support minutes can be used in 60 minute periods (Skype) or Telephone (30 minutes minimum session), or Chat (15/ 20 minute minimum session) or Email according to your needs.  Once you purchase your support minutes we arrange times to meet.  Email can be used at any time without planning ahead.

The First Step

To book our first 50 minute meeting all you need to do is use the Donate button on the Donate page to make your payment of £30 GBP, then fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible with an appointment time that suits you.  Alternatively, I can send you an invoice on request.

  • All pre-payments should be made at least 48 hours prior to the appointment


Once I receive your details I will send you my Payment details, followed by my Terms and Conditions and Assessment Form and any other relevant documents in due course.

For Video or Chat sessions:

Download Skype


Terms and Conditions available on request