Individual Psychotherapy and Analysis, Couples and Family Therapy, Counselling and personal development work are all available via Video call (and Telephone, Email and Chat depending on your needs and practicalities).

Skype-icon.png Skype is a software application that offers free, encrypted Video calls, telephone and chat from anywhere in the world (see tutorial links below).  This can be particularly useful for:

  • Therapy in the comfort of your own home
  • Supplementary support in between regular weekly sessions
  • Support during breaks from therapy
  • Help if you are unable to leave the house e.g. due to illness or infirmity
  • Avoiding breaks in therapy whilst travelling or on holiday
  • Help if you live too far away from Glasgow
  • Help if you live outside Scotland
  • Help for couples and families who live apart and who can’t do face-to-face work


Current patients:

book your Skype-icon.png Skype sessions and online support by using this button:

online payment



New patients:

book your Skype-icon.png SKYPE Introductory Meeting here:

  1. Request your SKYPE Introductory Meeting using the form below
  2. I will send you payment details
  3. Send the correct fee marked ‘THERAPY’ for the Introductory Meeting (see Fees page for current tariff) 
  4. Tell me when your payment has been sent and I will then book our appointment
  5. We meet at the agreed UK time [GMT] via Skype, with video enabled on either end

Useful Links:

Skype button


More Information for Online Support

  • Appointment times start at 12:00 GMT each day, Monday to Saturday, with the last available appointment starting at 19:30 GMT.  Please ensure that you make the necessary calculation for your time zone if you live outside the UK (world clock below)
  • Session fees can be found on the Fees page for people doing work online via video, with optional supplementary support time at a lower cost available in between sessions by video, chat, email or telephone.
  • Fees are payable in British Pounds Sterling (GBP) only: using Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer (or International Bank Transfer) or alternatively, Bitcoin.
  • You can also set up regular payments by bank transfer – please ask for details.
  • SKYPE offers are also available (see fees page)
  • Supplementary Support is extra support at a discounted rate that can be set up ‘just in case’ and used flexibly between weekly sessions. This extra standby support is for people seeing me weekly either face-to-face or online, who want the safeguard of additional support in place for use by Skype, email or telephone. Unused payment can be credited to a normal session.


Full list of international mental health crisis numbers

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