Therapy Cards

Therapy Card 10 OFF 12

Therapy Cards are commitment-related* fee reductions designed to help lower costs for patients with the greatest need and motivation to engage in psychotherapy and personal development work.  The more sessions you use, the more you save, and the lower your average session fee becomes.

£10 off Therapy Cards (£15 off 90 minute sessions) can be used for an unlimited number of 60 or 90 minute individual, couples or group sessions in any format or modality before the card’s expiry date, with no minimum attendance requirements.  Full access to online Resources with each card.  They may also be used for Assessments, Home Visits, Out-of-Hours appointments (with supplementary fee), Reviews and Supplementary Support and are non-refundable.  (see other conditions below)

  • 18 Week Therapy Card £130: £10 off an unlimited number of sessions for 18 weeks (Minimum savings when attending once per week £50)
  • 12 Month Therapy Card £250: £10 off an unlimited number of sessions for a year (Minimum savings when attending once per week £270)
  • 10+1 Therapy Card (Individuals or Couples): Prepay 10 sessions and get 1 free (valid for 11 weeks)
  • 10+1 Therapy Card (Groups**): Prepay 10 sessions and get 1 free (valid for 11 or 22 weeks)
    • Plus 30 minutes Supplementary Support per person free with 10+1 and 12 month cards when paying in cash (value £30)

10+1 Therapy Cards.  11 sessions for the price of 10.  Choose 60 or 90 minute individual, couples or group sessions, with an 11 week expiry date for individuals and couples (weekly attendance) or 11 or 22 week expiry date for groups (weekly or fortnightly attendance), in-person or by Skype.  If you want to be able to vary the time or day you attend from week to week then your 10+1 Card should be paid using Flexible Fee rates.  For occasional time changes you can pay a £5 supplement each time you change.  Full access to online Resources comes with each card.  10+1 Cards may not be used for Assessments or Reviews without payment of a top-up supplement, and are non-refundable. (see other conditions below)

  • Cards can be purchased at your next session or by electronic payment.  One or more cards can be used in Couples work.
  • **Group Therapy Cards must be purchased by the entire group, not a single member, unless the person is also attending individual therapy.
  • *All reductions on Standard Fees using a Therapy Card are offered for the benefit of patients with the greatest commitment and motivation to making the best use of the help and work I offer.  Please refrain from purchasing if your priority is simply to pay as little as possible for that help.  If you are uncertain of your full and firm commitment to therapy you can reduce the risk of wasting money or time (via cancellations or second thoughts for example) by simply using weekly or flexible pay-as-you-go attendance.
  • Sessions cancelled, missed or rescheduled with less than 36 hours notice carry charges.  See Agreement for details.

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