Therapy Cards

Therapy Card 10 OFF 12

Therapy Cards give you reduced fees for weekly attendance after Assessment is completed based on your level of commitment.  They can also ensure you secure the same appointment slot each week. Various Therapy Cards are available, depending upon your needs, finances and level of commitment to therapy. Savings on standard fees can be seen below.

Example Hourly Fee Reductions Using a Therapy Card for Individuals and Couples

Hourly RateType of Therapy CardOutlaySaving*
£60Fees for Assessments, Reviews, Psychotherapy Sessions£60
£56.6618 Week £10 off Therapy Card attending once per week£120£60
£551 year £10 off Therapy Card, attending once per week£260£260
£54.5410+1 Therapy Card, 60 minute sessions£600£60
£53.3318 Week £10 off Therapy Card attending twice per week£120£240
£52.501 year £10 off Therapy Card, attending twice per week£260£780
£90/ £45 ppCouples 10+1 Therapy Card, 60 minute sessions£1000£100
£93/ £46.50 ppCouples 18 Week £10 off Therapy Card (2 x individual cards)£240£120
*Savings compared to the Standard Session Fee