The whole psychotherapy, counselling and psychology field can be very confusing if you are unfamiliar with how it all works and have no experience of seeking such help.  Ambivalence about starting therapy, or feeling stuck or scared to look at difficult things can also be a source of uncertainty for people considering therapy, and in these cases only you can decide what you are willing to tackle.

However, I offer an initial meeting for a reduced fee of only £30 where we can meet informally to discuss things and clarify your direction, any uncertainty you might have and your level of motivation, with no obligation to continue.  Confidentiality and privacy applies to any meetings we have.

During that 50 minute meeting you’re free to ask all the questions you like about the process, services offered and anything else that concerns you or may be helpful to you in getting the right help.

You can also get more information on my Blog page, for example, “Getting the most from your sessions: the learning mindset” to help you get a better understanding of what might be involved in therapeutic work.  There are other posts covering depression and other topics and I usually add new posts once or twice a month.

Assessment Only

I also offer an assessment-only service in which I can make a comprehensive assessment of your needs and offer recommendations to you on what types of therapies or support may be of most help in achieving your aims, with a summary analysis of what your presenting difficulties are and how they appear to work (referred to as a problem formulation) based on the information you have given me.  Assessments can take anywhere between one and four sixty-minute sessions.

Support Planning

For a small additional fee I offer detailed support plans tailored to your specific needs that outline all of the above plus discreet therapeutic tasks that could enable you to tackle each specific problem step by step.

Please go to the Appointments page if you would like to meet for an initial informal chat to discuss possibilities and options that might be available to you.  It could save you a lot of time trying to figure out what to do on your own or finding out by trial and error.