Waiting List

After you have attended an Introductory Meeting and when appointment space is limited (see my Current Availability under APPOINTMENTS menu) you can request a place on my Waiting List by filling out the request form below with your requirements. There is a £10 non-refundable deposit for Waiting List places, which is deducted from your first session. I will then email you to confirm* your request and then again when an appropriate space becomes available. You may have a significantly longer wait if your availability to attend appointments is very restricted.


Thank you for your request

Please Note:

Booked sessions are non-refundable but can be rescheduled once with more than 48 hours notice.

*Please don’t request appointments for other people. Psychotherapy relies upon patients having strong personal motivation to change, and their ability to provide information, attend sessions reliably, and fully engage in the work without being prompted by someone else are all essential parts of the communication, assessment and psychotherapy process.

*How the Waiting List works: In order to provide the best service to motivated people in genuine need, a maximum of two offers of appointment are made before prospective patients are removed from my waiting list:

1st offer declined/ missed: moved to 2nd position on waiting list

2nd offer declined/ missed: removal from waiting list

Any offer ignored: email is spam blocked

*SPAM CAUTION: Persons who ask for waiting list places, appointments or services but who then ignore emails sent to them or repeatedly decline appointment offers are assumed to be spammers and are automatically added to website and telephone blocking lists to prevent wasting valuable time that is needed for legitimate patient enquiries. If you don’t receive a reply to your request within 24 hours or you think your email has been spam-blocked by the website email me direct.

All patient contact is by email appointment only. I don’t make appointments by text message, telephone, Skype message, or by unsolicited visit to my practice