5 stars

“Excellent, professional and non judgemental care. Stephen is patient, listens intently and above all he is honest and I’ve really felt like I can be truly myself in therapy sessions with him which has helped me tremendously. Highly recommended.”

~ review by Natalie K. (in-person and online therapy)

5 stars

“Wonderful and caring. Stephen has transformed my life! I found his approach so professional – I felt cared for, listened to and cherished – seen as an individual with individual requirements.  Stephen is a true credit to his profession and this world. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this guy – he knows what he’s doing that’s for sure.” 

~ Review by Joe L. (in-person therapy)

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therapy glasgow
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Summary of Service:

An analytical and experiential psychotherapy and counselling practice that can address all existential, psychological, emotional and relationship difficulties

A depth approach to psychotherapy identifying and addressing the root causes and creation of problems, not simply ‘symptoms’: the childhood, family, workplace, social, political, spiritual contexts that produce emotional disturbance

A non-pathologising, hermeneutic, somatic (body encompassing), transpersonal approach with extensive psycho-educational resources as standard

Goodwill Policy: free next session if you are not satisfied with the quality of support you receive in any psychotherapy session you attend (Common Sense conditions apply)


Stepps, in North East Glasgow, 4 miles from the city centre


22 years NHS and private practice


BA (Hons), MA (Psych), MA (Ex. Psych),

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Trained Artist


60 and 90 minute sessions


Online from anywhere in the world via Skype-icon SKYPE, Chat, Email or Telephone


Existential Analysis and Psychotherapy

Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling


Individuals, Couples, Family and Group Therapy

Fee Reduction Schemes, Therapy Cards, Therapy Journals and wellbeing-related product discounts available after Assessment

5 stars

“Stephen is both an intuitive and genuine person and therapist. He is very skilled in partnering you through an insightful and therapeutic process. This can be challenging but ultimately proved to be a rewarding and helpful road to personal growth and to moving forwards in my life. Thank you Stephen. Highly recommended.”

~ review by Jim M (In-person and Online Therapy)


Quiet, comfortable, safe environment

Example Services:

Full psychosocial assessment as standard: understand the root of your difficulties, how they work and what you can do about them within a few sessions

Extensive psycho-educational resources included as standard (over 270 articles and audio recordings to support your therapy)

Out-of-hours sessions

Commitment-related Therapy Cards to help you reduce your costs

Mediation and conflict resolution

Full access to supportive resources to current patients

Improving workplace dynamics, business practices and customer relations

12 week personal development modules

Guided relaxation, Yoga Nidra, Grounding, HRV Biofeedback Training, all forms of Meditation, Breath Work and Pranayama available in sessions as standard

HeartMath HRV Biofeedback Training

Managing Anxiety, Insecurity, Emotional instability, Anger and Passive-Aggression

Written assessment, risk assessment and discharge summaries, problem formulation and support planning available

Body-mind-environment awareness development

5 stars

“I’m so pleased with the work that I did with this therapist. He was perceptive and created just the right environment to help me feel safe enough to look at some painful things I felt I had to look at. I will be going back again after taking this break. Thank you again Stephen”

~ review by Jan M. (in-person therapy)

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All matters considered including:

depression, anxiety, derealisation, depersonalisation, dissociation

relationship difficulties: marriage, family, friends, partners

recovering from abuse (sexual, physical, mental, narcissistic, sociopathic, organisational etc) and trauma

harassment, workplace problems, bullying, support for whistleblowers

developing personal authenticity for individuals, couples and professionals

outsiders, unique, shy, highly sensitive, insecure, non-conforming or solitary individuals

everyday struggles and worries,

existential problems e.g. life purpose and meaning, Faith and spiritual development

difficulties that have been stigmatised or given psychiatric diagnoses and more

5 stars

Stephen has done so much more for me than I could ever summarize in a simple review, and has helped me accomplish far more than I could have hoped for or imagined in less than a year (during this 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic). Stephen has helped me get in touch with the power, strength, and courage within me. He helped me rid my life of abuse and exploitation. He has helped me see the truth of who I am, my value, and worth as a human being. He has helped me find my voice. And for the first time in my life I am independent and free in every sense of these words.

~review by S.M. (Online Therapy and Supplementary Support)


Therapyglasgow.com is committed to free speech, common sense, honesty, goodwill and genuine equality in the therapeutic relationship

Therapyglasgow.com is against coercive, experimental, high risk pharmaceuticals and injections and the destruction of individual liberties associated with them

Please note that UK psychotherapists do not prescribe medication nor do they give psychiatric diagnoses. You don’t need a psychiatric label in order to heal and recover from your difficulties.

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