Feedback and Reviews

I strive to provide the best quality of care, help and support to you that I can.  As our relationship is based on cultivating mutual trust, goodwill and honesty, I welcome your feedback on how you are experiencing or have experienced my work.  If you are happy with what I have provided I would appreciate your leaving a brief online review by clicking any of the links below.  I value your support of my practice and endorsement of my work very highly.

  • If you are not satisfied in any way then please allow me the opportunity to resolve any issues you might have with the support I’ve offered.  You can do this in your next session, by sending confidential, or anonymous suggestions via the webform in option 3 below, or by emailing me directly. I also offer a Goodwill Refund if you are genuinely not satisfied with the support you received in your last session – just let me know within 7 days of the session and I will refund you your session fee with no questions asked or give you another session free of charge (see our Agreement for details)


There are three ways to leave feedback:

  1. Review sites: help support and promote my practice online
  2. Website testimonials: help visitors to my website read of your experience
  3. Confidential suggestions for improving my practice (can be anonymous): help me improve the way I work or the services I offer


1. Review Sites

Online reviews are the most effective way to support and help promote my practice; encouraging people seeking help to visit my website and explore what I have to offer.  Click on the Logos below to take you to each review site:

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screenshot_2019-01-23 therapyglasgow com is rated great with 7 7 10 on trustpilot

My Local


2. Website Testimonials

You can also leave a testimonial for publication on this website using the form below.  This helps people who are looking for a therapist get a better sense of what they might expect from working with me:

Some Online Patient Reviews:

5 stars“Excellent, professional and non judgemental care. Stephen is patient, listens intently and above all he is honest and I’ve really felt like I can be truly myself in therapy sessions with him which has helped me tremendously. Highly recommended.” ~ review by N.K.


5 stars“I’m so pleased with the work that I did with this therapist. He was perceptive and created just the right environment to help me feel safe enough to look at some painful things I felt I had to look at. I will be going back again after taking this break. Thank you again Stephen”~ review by J.M.

Screenshot_2019-01-23 Yell com - the UK's leading online business directory

5 stars“I’m just expressing my gratitude to Stephen for giving me the help I needed and at such a low fee based on my income. I can say without a doubt that there’s no way I could have afforded anyone private because I looked around and all the fees were about the same. I was looking at a three to five month wait for the NHS and wouldn’t have lasted that long. Stephen went above and beyond and even supported me free of charge at times. So grateful. ” ~review by K.S.

Screenshot_2019-01-23 therapyglasgow com is rated Great with 7 7 10 on Trustpilot

5 stars“Stephen is the best in this field of business knows exactly how to help you with life its self and always has time to get back to you even if you dont have an appointment. Thanks Stephen for everything.” ~review by M.C.

Screenshot_2019-01-23 therapyglasgow com is rated Great with 7 7 10 on Trustpilot

5 stars“Wonderful and caring. Stephen has transformed my life! I found his approach so professional – I felt cared for, listened to and cherished – seen as an individual with individual requirements.  Stephen is a true credit to his profession and this world. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this guy – he knows what he’s doing that’s for sure.”  ~Review by JL

Screenshot_2019-01-23 Yell com - the UK's leading online business directory

5 stars“Stephen is both an intuitive and genuine person and therapist. He is very skilled in partnering you through an insightful and therapeutic process. This can be challenging but ultimately proved to be a rewarding and helpful road to personal growth and to moving forwards in my life. Thank you Stephen. Highly recommended.” ~ review by Jim Mgooglelogo_color_92x30dp

3. Confidential suggestions for improving my Practice

I welcome constructive criticism and suggestions that might help me improve my practice.  This is viewed only by me and not for publication anywhere.  You can leave your feedback in the comments box below and it can be sent to me anonymously if you prefer.